Definition of gaudery in US English:



  • 1Gaudy articles or decoration, especially clothing or jewelry.

    • ‘Yes, I suppose those hats are gaudery, but they do look awful fun.’
    • ‘Choosing what to buy in a climate where diamonds are bedecking everything from ladies’ décolletage to outsized gaudery, while changing colors and cuts at will, can be daunting, though.’
    • ‘It is ironically fitting that he should successfully lure her with promises of enjoying the glitter and gaudery of Naples.’
    • ‘I embellished the tale with a baroque gaudery of exaggerated facts and fantastic detail.’
    • ‘However, I will not stay quiet when a preacher gets on his soapbox and tries to persuade us to buy what clearly amounts to simple gaudery.’
  • 2Tasteless or extravagant display of gaudy articles or decoration.