Definition of gatehouse in US English:



  • A house or enclosure near a gateway.

    • ‘The Eastern gatehouse at the farm will be refurbished as separate accommodation for a family member.’
    • ‘The ornamented gatehouse, garden, and royal tennis court further enhanced this favourite seat of the Scottish monarchs.’
    • ‘Walking home, I pass the gothic ruin of a Georgian gatehouse with several chimneys and boarded up windows.’
    • ‘The two-bedroom gatehouses are priced at £125,000 with the three-bedroom house priced at £135,000.’
    • ‘A house of Augustinian canons was founded here in 1139, and although mostly only foundations survive it has one of the most elaborate surviving gatehouses of any monastic house.’
    • ‘The carriage rattled gently past the gatehouse, its wheels grating on the rocky path into the courtyard.’
    • ‘Outside the gatehouse, hundreds of supporters, most of them local residents, gathered for a look.’
    • ‘The gunports in the south and east walls of the structure adjoining the later gatehouse suggest a late fifteen century date.’
    • ‘He reported, ‘Sir, we have news from the gatehouses.’’
    • ‘The gatehouses were toppled, the walls in ruins.’
    • ‘Its most outstanding feature is the Turret House, built as a gatehouse and hunting tower and constructed in the French style, possibly due to Mary's influence.’
    • ‘The house was built as one of the gatehouses to the estate.’
    • ‘We saw him at the gatehouse, putting things in a bag and taking them out again, still talking to himself; waiting, perhaps, for divine intervention.’
    • ‘This theme also characterizes bridges, signage, fences, and gatehouses.’
    • ‘They dashed through the gates as the guard ducked back into the gatehouse for shelter, peering through the grayness.’
    • ‘Since it's evening now, I bet by the time we get to the drawbridges at the gatehouses, they'll be raised for the day.’
    • ‘The first of these gatehouses is joined on either side by a roofed gallery that encircles the larger complex.’
    • ‘The lower floor also connects the house to a gatehouse through a small courtyard.’
    • ‘At his death both the house and the gatehouse were bought for the Abbey.’
    • ‘The two gatehouses next to the entrance had been demolished.’
    cottage, toll house
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