Definition of gated community in US English:

gated community


  • A residential area with roads that have gates to control the movement of traffic and people into and out of the area.

    • ‘You may live in a gated community that doesn't welcome a lot of traffic.’
    • ‘We start with a gated road tarmac warm up to find a steep climb up the west flank of the valley.’
    • ‘The streets of New York are full of people from all walks, races, creeds, colors; they are the antithesis of a gated sprawling suburban development.’
    • ‘Is there a hidden agenda here to have the area gated and restricted to residents only so they can control it as an extension of their property?’
    • ‘That fire, which has destroyed 13 homes since it began Saturday, was burning dangerously close to a gated community of million-dollar mansions in Los Angeles' Chatsworth section.’
    • ‘The City adopted a security access restrictions policy in 2003 that demanded gated communities apply to have their boom gates legalised based on a set of stringent criteria.’
    • ‘And then you turn off the main road, and are in another, private world of gated compounds ringed by eroding mud-brick walls.’
    • ‘The roads and pavements of these cul-de-sacs are quasi-private places, gated communities without gates.’
    • ‘Expect to pay maintenance fees, which include care of the lawns, grounds, pools, pest control and gate attendant if the property is in a gated community.’
    • ‘He claims the development plans would scoop out a lot of the woods and natural habitat for detention ponds to control flooding in a gated development of million-dollar homes.’
    • ‘Lately, the gated property has become a free-for-all, with animals and children hanging out on the site.’
    • ‘Leave the Pennine Way at the road and turn right, following the road downhill for about half a mile until a gated track is reached on the right.’
    • ‘To contribute to this atmosphere there will be food vendors, a gated area to prevent the crawlers and walkers from diving into the duck pond, and volunteers on hand to watch the exit and keep an eye out for scraped knees.’
    • ‘Yet all too often, roads remain gated well into the spring ski season - even when they're dry and driveable.’
    • ‘Affluent suburbanites create gated enclosures not to pursue profit (of course property values play a role) but in the name of community.’
    • ‘Turn right then left along the adjoining gated path to reach the B road again.’
    • ‘The entrance to the tunnel was gated off six years ago because of vandalism but the gate itself was subsequently vandalised and had to be replaced in 2001.’
    • ‘We're living in an era of gated apartment blocks and lots of rental accommodation.’
    • ‘Whilst gated communities may indeed be more integrated within, gates can act as barriers to social interaction between communities.’
    • ‘A dimension where everyone lives in climate controlled gated estates and they don't like lost midwestern lunatics.’


gated community

/ɡeɪdɪd kəˈmjunədi//ɡādid kəˈmyo͞onədē/