Definition of gatecrasher in US English:



  • See gatecrash

    • ‘Having gate-crashed and disrupted an idyllic island community, he then proceeds to muscle in on the French girl, ousting her nice harmless boyfriend from her affections.’
    • ‘A teenager was left heartbroken after gatecrashers at her 18th birthday party made off with all her cards and gifts.’
    • ‘Or else, they may appear as a goon squad, gate-crashing an art gallery, seizing and burning contemporary paintings that they find contrary to their iconographical tastes.’
    • ‘The inaugural meeting of the Forum, held in Geneva in 1996, was unfortunately disrupted by gatecrashers.’
    • ‘The move follows controversy last year when the rally was on the verge of being cancelled because of troubles from gatecrashers in 2001.’
    • ‘Guests will be checked on the way in for hidden cameras and security men will guard the church doors to prevent anyone gate-crashing the ceremony.’
    • ‘She said that together with her daughter she invited about 40 friends to the March 18 party before gatecrashers arrived, causing the trouble.’
    • ‘And there are some whom one can't help suspect of being lucky gatecrashers.’
    • ‘We gate-crashed one party together where she pretended to be a literary agent and even had people approaching her to pitch novels.’
    • ‘If he has broken the convention that there is nothing to stop an audience member joining in with a show or with a member of the public gate-crashing a private event, then I don't feel he has any right to complain when people do it to him.’