Definition of gateau in US English:


nounPlural gateaux

  • A rich cake, typically one containing layers of cream or fruit.

    • ‘Sandwiches, cakes, fruit tarts and gateaux were attractively displayed.’
    • ‘I've lost the recipe for our family's secret chocolate gateaux, but I can tell you it contained natural yoghurt and coffee.’
    • ‘Desserts cost £2.95 and featured home-made puddings, gateaux and ice creams.’
    • ‘The pair will conduct three cooking shows each day, and some of the taste sensations they'll be creating include olive, orange and macadamia salad, macadamia, banana and chocolate gateaux and pork, ginger and apple.’
    • ‘We scrutinised the range of gateaux, tarts and cakes.’
    • ‘Ignoring the meringues, cakes and biscuits I tried chocolate gateaux.’
    • ‘In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, tennis cakes, like other cakes and gateaux of the time, were very elaborate; one bakery textbook of the period gave 29 schemes for decorating the top of tennis cakes.’
    • ‘Customers at neighbouring tables sampling carrot cake, gateaux and chocolate fudge cake with cream seemed to be no better off than us.’
    • ‘Other culinary attractions are mango mousse gateaux, watermelon mousse gateaux and Hungarian gateaux.’
    • ‘Having loosened us up with free champagne, the staff are now serving lunch: a light Thai chicken salad followed by a supreme of salmon, then gateaux & cream.’
    • ‘To fill a corner, I had the choice of strawberry, lemon or fruits of the forest gateaux.’
    • ‘As it was afternoon most customers were eating scones and gateaux.’
    • ‘To assemble the gateau: Preheat oven to 300 degrees.’
    • ‘The chocolate and mandarin gateau with cream for Ann was not bad but had clearly been in a refrigerator.’
    • ‘Cakes and gateaux ranged from flapjack to fresh apple pie.’
    • ‘The meeting ended on a festive note with lots of Christmas goodies to tuck into such as cocktail sausages, mince pies, Christmas gateaux and much more.’
    • ‘I took out a slice of chocolate gateau that was the left over of yesterday's dessert.’
    • ‘Still, if you were looking for something exotic, there were lip-smacking delights that tempted guests to go in for a second helping: Chocolate duet tart, pineapple gateaux, fresh fruit salad and two varieties of ice cream.’
    • ‘The cassata, which should be a ricotta-based gateau with candied fruit chocolate and pistachio nuts, fell well short of the standards set by some of the main courses, and seemed to be more bland ricotta than anything else.’
    • ‘The classic tarte pommes is immaculate and the chocolate gateaux might well be the best cake you can buy in Glasgow.’


Mid 19th century: from French gâteau ‘cake’.