Definition of gastroenterology in US English:



  • The branch of medicine which deals with disorders of the stomach and intestines.

    • ‘Thus a serial record was available for each child, including letters from other centres such as those specialising in autism or paediatric gastroenterology.’
    • ‘The centre will initially manage outpatient calls from departments such as general surgery, urology, gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, and dermatology.’
    • ‘He then became lecturer in medicine, and developed the specialty of gastroenterology, introducing a fibreoptic endoscopy to Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘In gastroenterology the conversation often deals with matters that may be considered in some circles to be vulgar.’
    • ‘It will carry out general surgery, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, gynaecology, plastics and urology procedures.’
    • ‘Due to its common application in general surgery and gastroenterology, electrocautery equipment is available in almost every operating room.’
    • ‘A director of gastroenterology at a laboratory in a medical center in Alabama found that 14 out of 20 medical devices sent to a well-known reprocessor came back contaminated.’
    • ‘Who knows, you may find yourself activating a hitherto latent fascination with, say, clinical pathology or gastroenterology?’
    • ‘All patients will need thorough ophthalmologic and dermatologic examinations, and consultations with otolaryngology, gastroenterology, and gynecology specialists may also be appropriate.’
    • ‘The 12-member consensus panel included representation from internal medicine, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, pediatrics, family practice, oncology and the public.’
    • ‘An interesting choice of venue has been announced for the first European symposium devoted to ethics in gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy.’
    • ‘Clinics such as orthopaedics, urology, gynaecology and gastroenterology are dependent on the diagnostic and treatment centre.’
    • ‘In addition, patients can make appointments to see specialists in such fields as allergy, dermatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, immunology, liver disease, lung disease, and podiatry.’
    • ‘Subspecialists in radiology or gastroenterology will most often conduct these tests.’
    • ‘The latter worked in general medicine and gastroenterology.’
    • ‘Concentrating on psychophysiological medicine, the four divisions cover aspects of cardiology, gastroenterology, transplant surgery and the menstrual cycle respectively.’
    • ‘Endoscopy has altered the practice of gastroenterology by providing minimally invasive access to the gastrointestinal tract.’
    • ‘Bedside logic has not been entirely neglected in textbooks of medicine and gastroenterology.’
    • ‘For example, radiology was big on guidewires, but urology, gastroenterology, and cardiology weren't.’
    • ‘He contributed significantly to research in many areas of clinical gastroenterology and tropical parasitology.’