Definition of gastric in English:



  • Of the stomach.

    • ‘Cigarette smoking strongly predisposes to both duodenal ulcer and gastric cancer.’
    • ‘This leads to a more prolonged exposure of the esophageal mucosa to gastric fluid than normal.’
    • ‘The fourth pattern was diffuse, which involved all the gastric mucosa except the fundus.’
    • ‘The massive vomiting suggested gastric obstruction, but endoscopy showed the gastric outlet was patent.’
    • ‘He described gastric mucosa extending into the tubular oesophagus as the result of a congenitally shortened oesophagus.’
    • ‘Oesophageal and gastric cancer are common diseases that pose considerable challenges to surgeons.’
    • ‘Both oesophageal and gastric factors affect the occurrence of reflux.’
    • ‘Peptic ulcer is the collective name for duodenal ulcers or gastric ulcers.’
    • ‘Gastroscopy revealed several areas of gastric ulceration and one duodenal ulcer.’
    • ‘Multiple biopsies were taken from the esophagus as well as from the gastric lesion.’
    • ‘Pain caused by a gastric ulcer is often made worse by eating.’
    • ‘John researched the pathogenesis of gastric and duodenal ulcer disease.’
    • ‘Other infections are associated with normal or elevated gastric acidity, and may lead to duodenal ulcers.’
    • ‘An ulcer in the stomach is called a gastric or stomach ulcer.’
    • ‘In 1979 he had a partial gastrectomy for benign gastric ulcers, followed by post gastrectomy anaemia.’
    • ‘After surgery, gastric and colonic motility do not rebound as quickly as the small bowel.’
    • ‘Any process that interferes with gastric acid production can lead to this impairment.’
    • ‘Inhibiting gastric acid is critical when managing active peptic ulcer bleeding that doesn't stop spontaneously.’
    • ‘In addition, gastric lavage can actually push the gastric contents beyond the pylorus, which enhances absorption.’
    • ‘This process also allows for more rapid establishment of small bowel feeding tubes when gastric feeding fails.’
    stomach, intestinal, enteric, duodenal, coeliac, abdominal, ventral
    stomachic, stomachical
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Mid 17th century: from modern Latin gastricus, from Greek gastēr, gastr- stomach.