Definition of gash in English:



  • 1A long deep slash, cut, or wound.

    ‘a bad gash in one leg became infected’
    • ‘He suffered a deep gash to the leg, which required staples, and he was also left shook up by the incident.’
    • ‘The youngster was rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary where he underwent a skin graft on a deep gash to his ankle.’
    • ‘The pensioner was left with one broken leg and a deep gash on the other but instead of helping her the rider jumped back on to his moped and rode off.’
    • ‘There was a bite mark on his arm and a deep gash on his forehead.’
    • ‘She also suffered deep gashes to her head and chin.’
    • ‘The deep gashes to his legs, arms and neck were healing nicely and he seemed relaxed.’
    • ‘One drinker suffered a suspected heart attack and another was hit in the face with a piece of glass, causing a deep gash.’
    • ‘He said there were three big gashes on his foot which had to be stitched.’
    • ‘He suffered a deep gash on his thigh and was taken to hospital suffering shock, but was later discharged.’
    • ‘He had several deep gashes on his chest and on his arms.’
    • ‘He, who is editor of independent magazine ‘Northern Voices,’ had to be treated for a deep gash to his face and bruising.’
    • ‘Tommy, a former fitness instructor, suffered deep gashes to both legs in the drama.’
    • ‘As it is, he wound up with a deep gash on his arm, four broken ribs and a collapsed lung.’
    • ‘The pensioner was left with one broken leg and a deep gash on the other.’
    • ‘Requiring stitches to a deep gash, it is hoped he will be fit enough for the European adventure.’
    • ‘The most notable damage sustained by either man was an ugly gash above Tyson's right eye, the result of an accidental clash of heads.’
    • ‘Doctors put 16 stitches into two deep gashes in the back of the man's head as a result of his injuries and he suffered post-traumatic stress.’
    • ‘It was only when he was home that he realised he was bleeding from a deep gash to the head and called an ambulance.’
    • ‘Remove skin from the drumsticks and make deep gashes on each drumstick both inside and outside to allow the marinade to penetrate.’
    • ‘He comes into the squad after finally overcoming a deep gash to the knee, while Paul also returns.’
    laceration, cut, slash, tear, gouge, puncture, score, incision, slit, split, rip, rent, nick, cleft
    scratch, scrape, graze, abrasion
    wound, injury, lesion, contusion
    trauma, traumatism
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    1. 1.1A cleft made as if by a slashing cut.
      ‘the blast ripped a 25-foot gash in the hull’
      • ‘Their landing gear gouged huge gashes into the unpaved surface.’
      • ‘He shoved it hard into the floor and pulled, ripping an ugly gash in an expensive rug.’
      • ‘The resultant 12m gash in the hull should have prompted frantic calls for assistance.’
      • ‘He wanted detailed pictures of the famous gash in her hull.’
      • ‘The ship ran aground in 18 feet of water, carving a gash in the living coral and remained grounded for 12 days.’
      • ‘He lifted it up and placed it against the massive gash in the hull of the freighter.’
      • ‘In turn, that dent opened into a gash, as the jet gained altitude.’
      • ‘The vandal cut a four-inch-deep gash all the way around the trunk - 27 feet in circumference.’
      • ‘The hull is covered with ugly great gashes where it rammed the reef.’
      • ‘He started into a running pattern almost under the vehicle but not quite, stabbing where and when he could, creating gashes under its hull.’
      • ‘Without warning my foothold broke and I slid downward ripping a gash in the plastic that held the containers of water together.’
      • ‘His wooden boat suffered rips, gashes and leaks during the ordeal, called the ‘green storm’ because of the eerie color of the sky.’
      • ‘There are deep gashes in the roads; some are still blocked by landslides and a major road tunnel to the town has collapsed.’
      • ‘Although some Reading Prong occurrences are localized in part in tension gashes, fissure veins are much more common.’
  • 2vulgar slang The vulva.

    1. 2.1offensive Women collectively regarded in sexual terms.


  • Make a gash in; cut deeply.

    ‘the jagged edges gashed their fingers’
    • ‘Its massive knife-like edges beneath the water surface punctured and gashed the ship along 250 feet of its hull.’
    • ‘Last year, at the Malaysian resort of Langkawi, he fell down a set of steps, gashing his head.’
    • ‘This time it not only slid out into the room, but it also tilted sharply and bounced the officer off in such a way that he collided with the corner of Clifton's desk and gashed his head open.’
    • ‘The bear roared out his pain as the jagged edges gashed his paw deeply.’
    • ‘The first being the edge of a desk, which gashed my left thumb, the second, the back of a chair which caught my cheek bone and the third the edge of the cupboard door which broke my right hand middle finger.’
    • ‘A 67-year-old man began calling police from a phone in the hall, but the gang hit him over the head with a baseball bat, gashing his head.’
    • ‘First of the physical casualties was he himself, gashing his hand in an accident at home in November, which hampered his training, then he was halted again, this time by a bout of tonsillitis at the start of 2004.’
    • ‘A washing machine he was putting into the skip slipped backwards, gashing his forehead, splitting his nose and leaving his fingers badly lacerated.’
    • ‘You finally get the volume down to less than 100 decibels, your heart is thumping and you notice that you're bleeding through your jeans where the cat gashed your knees during his flight.’
    • ‘A 40-year-old mother had to be airlifted to hospital after gashing her head on a Lakeland ramble.’
    • ‘I tripped, chipping a knee-cap and gashing the flesh.’
    • ‘He had swallowed a lot of water, gashed himself badly on the craggy rocks and was wearing a heavy Aran sweater, a pair of heavy boots.’
    • ‘The Australian smashed her helmet, gashed her elbow, and, more significantly, broke her collarbone in the crash.’
    • ‘It is my sad duty to report that he has broken his right arm in a bike accident, he has badly bruised his left arm (for those of you who don't know he is left handed) and has badly gashed his chin.’
    • ‘The sword cut deep into its belly gashing it open.’
    • ‘After profuse pledges to call me on the intercom to assist her to the bathroom, she proceeded to get up unattended promptly falling on the cane and gashing her shin so badly she was sitting in a pool of blood by the time I got there.’
    • ‘She gashed her on the left side of her face with the knife and a struggle ensued.’
    • ‘I gashed my finger, bled everywhere, and was taken off kitchen duty which continued with Sunday service regulars David, his accountant, his wife Angela and Sonia (his PA) helping out.’
    • ‘The argument ended when his wife threw a glass at him, and gashed his head wide open.’
    • ‘Her right shoulder was gashed open and trickling with blood.’
    lacerate, slash, gouge, puncture, incise, score, slit, split, rend, nick, snick, notch, cleave
    scratch, scrape, graze, abrade
    wound, injure, hurt, damage, maim
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Middle English garse, from Old French garcer to chap, crack perhaps based on Greek kharassein sharpen, scratch, engrave The current spelling is recorded from the mid 16th century.