Definition of gas turbine in US English:

gas turbine


  • A turbine driven by expanding hot gases produced by burning fuel, as in a jet engine.

    • ‘Such alloys have the ability to withstand very high temperatures and attack by oxygen and are used in making jet engine parts and gas turbine engines.’
    • ‘He caressed the smooth surface of the metallic console, feeling the familiar vibrations of the huge gas turbine engines that propelled his ship.’
    • ‘The ship's propulsion system is a combined gas turbine and gas turbine arrangement.’
    • ‘Superalloys are used in the manufacture of jet engines and gas turbines, where temperatures in the thousands of degrees are produced routinely.’
    • ‘‘Surplus wind power can be stored as hydrogen and used in fuel cells or gas turbines to generate electricity, leveling supply when winds are variable,’ says Brown.’
    • ‘From superior internal combustion engines, to gas turbines, to fuel cells, to more familiar renewable generators, micropower systems are proliferating in diverse applications.’
    • ‘High-temperature gas turbine engines provide the power to drive the air-cushion blowers and the air propellers.’
    • ‘Designed with smokeless exhaust diesel engines aided by gas turbines, air pollution is kept minimal.’
    • ‘One of the demonstrations was the power of the gas turbine engines, able to drive the 4,500-ton ship from 0 to 40 mph in just 200 metres.’
    • ‘Initially the pressure of the Zechstein gas would be sufficiently high pressure, at the well heads, to supply fuel gas for the compressor gas turbine.’
    • ‘It is also frequently found in coal gasification and oil-refining processes as well as industrial gas turbines operating on impure fuel.’
    • ‘The ship has a maximum speed of 29 knots using the gas turbines and 18 knots using the diesel engines, with a range of 4,000 nautical miles at 18 knots.’
    • ‘In a strict sense, turbine engines - like gas turbines - are gas generators.’
    • ‘They are used in power-generating plants, jet engines, and gas turbines.’
    • ‘The Royal Academy of Engineering said the cheapest electricity was generated from gas turbines and nuclear power stations.’
    • ‘Energy conversion systems based on steam turbines, gas turbines, high-performance automobile engines, and jet engines provide the technological foundation for modern society.’
    • ‘Not content with four linked diesel engines, it also has a gas turbine that can deliver 33,000 horse-power driving a water jet propulsion system.’
    • ‘They are widely used in jet engine parts and gas turbines.’
    • ‘The product can be used as fuel in boilers, diesel engines or gas turbines, or as a source of chemicals for the production of pesticides, adhesives and other products.’
    • ‘The waterjets are normally driven by gas turbines but may also be driven by small diesel engines in order to reduce infrared signature.’


gas turbine

/ɡas ˈtərˌbīn/