Definition of gas oil in US English:

gas oil


  • A type of fuel oil distilled from petroleum.

    • ‘Hydrogen ions found within the channels attach themselves to the gas oil molecules and cause them to break, or crack, into smaller hydrocarbon molecules, including gasoline.’
    • ‘These run their own refineries which are geared towards production of lighter products such as gas oil and petrol, rather than fuel oil.’
    • ‘On Thursday, salvors started moving the marine gas oil into containers on the ship, then airlifting these by helicopter to shore, where it is decanted into a big roadside tanker.’
    • ‘All fuels are down except for the diesel fuel, Eurodiesel and gas oil.’
    • ‘Preferences will be available for industrial uses of certain fuels and gas oil will be marked to prevent abuses of the differentiated tax rates.’
    • ‘Its licence was renewed in August permitting it to import 30,000 tonnes of gas oil a year.’
    • ‘A spokesman said that would only occur if any of the substances, including kerosene, diesel, gas oil and gasoline, were to escape from the site.’
    • ‘Numerous explosions have been sighted on the abandoned ship, which was carrying some 1100 tons of fuel oil, 225 tons of gas oil as well as unspecified Class 3 hazardous cargo.’
    • ‘The gas oil is then fed into the boiler and burnt.’
    • ‘Crime syndicates in the area were believed to be targeting vessels carrying valuable palm oil and gas oil.’
    • ‘However, its fuel consumption was greater and it relied on gas oil and not fuel oil which is cheaper.’
    • ‘When used for heating and by residences, gas oil and kerosene will be subject to an excise duty of 50 leva for 1000 litres.’
    • ‘The Belize-registered ship was carrying 1,950 tons of gas oil.’
    • ‘Fractures were found on the decks of the 211-metre, Japanese-built ship carrying 56,000 tonnes of vacuum gas oil.’
    • ‘The salvors would begin pumping 58 tons of heavy duty oil and 60 tons of gas oil from the 6500-ton heavy lift cargo ship tomorrow, he said.’
    • ‘The coast guard said the semi-submersible, 5,000 tonne ship was carrying 250 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, 30 tonnes of gas oil and 11,000 litres of lubricant oil.’
    • ‘If she is found to be sound, she will return to East London to discharge the rest of her gas oil and, if needed, be repaired in the drydock.’
    • ‘A decision on whether to remove the gas oil was due to be made after the surveyors completed their report.’
    • ‘The excise duties on petrol, gas oil and propane-butane will be changed again before 2007.’
    • ‘The 122-metre vessel was carrying 58 tons of heavy fuel, 60 tons of marine gas oil and 8 tons of lube oil.’


gas oil

/ˈɡæs ˌɔɪl//ˈɡas ˌoil/