Definition of gas jet in US English:

gas jet


  • 1

    another term for gas burner
    • ‘I rush into the kitchen before she can start playing with the gas jets again.’
    • ‘The JILA team overcame these problems by coupling a low-pulse-energy but high-repetition-rate femtosecond laser to a high-quality cavity equipped with a xenon gas jet.’
    • ‘According to him, because the EUV conversion takes place in a gas-filled hollow fiber instead of a gas jet, the generated EUV beams are spatially coherent or ‘laser-like.’’
    • ‘Robert, a member of the Georgia Tech team, had demonstrated that such gas jets can boost the lift of fixed-wing aircraft and may also improve the aerodynamics of large tractor-trailer trucks.’
    • ‘She led him over to the stage and showed him the concealed gas jets.’
    • ‘Whether the product of matches and kindling or the flick of a switch on a gas jet in a grate, the desire to make a fire - and the satisfaction we get from basking in its glow - is unmatched.’
    • ‘Magnesium powder is also produced by gas jet or centrifugal disintegration of molten metal.’
    • ‘Artificial lighting became common after the 1850s; initially rooms were lit by gas jets, an obvious fire hazard resisted by the Trustees of the National Gallery, which was replaced by the far safer electric lighting in the 1880s.’
    • ‘Tucked into one corner is a trellis-sheltered outdoor living room in which built-in stucco benches form a partial U beside a novel firepit - lava stone mounded volcano-style around a central gas jet.’
    • ‘The light outside diminished, the gas jets were lit, and in their wavering, ochre light he made no progress.’
    • ‘There is no gas entrainment or decompression of gas jets in the airway, allowing better humidification and warming of inspired air.’
    • ‘The thirteen marble fireplaces all remained, as did the gas jets over the parlor mantels and near the windows.’
    • ‘Flickering oil lanterns or gas jets cast only small, isolated pools of light.’
    • ‘For increased manoeuvrability in the terminal phase, the missile uses a ‘PIF-PAF’ direct thrust control system with gas jets.’
    • ‘At the climax of the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympics, Australian runner Freeman ignited the Olympic flame, a circle of gas jets that slowly rose out of the pool of water at her feet.’
    • ‘She embeds 10 small gas jets in cool green glass cast in a tongue shape.’
    • ‘In 1882, gas jets lit offices and parlors with a sputtering and yellowish flame equivalent to a 12-watt bulb.’
  • 2A flame of illuminated gas from a gas burner.

    • ‘In 1859 he exhibited The Heart of the Andes in a darkened Manhattan gallery, illuminated by gas jets, surrounded by real tropical plants - there was a demand in New York City for these precociously cinematic vistas.’
    • ‘Assuming that you are not cooking this over the coals of a barbecue, the best results come from using a ridged grill pan over a fierce gas jet, making sure the pan is really hot before you brush on some olive oil and add the meat.’
    • ‘This crown-shaped sign is made of copper gas piping and was illuminated by gas jet flames to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1887.’