Definition of gas guzzler in US English:

gas guzzler


  • An automobile with high fuel consumption.

    ‘they should now be driving small cars rather than clunky Detroit gas guzzlers’
    • ‘In his view, promises of a hydrogen future are just an excuse for marketing more gas guzzlers today.’
    • ‘For years we've been trying desperately to get people to buy more efficient cars, and one way of doing it is to tax gas guzzlers at a higher rate than hybrids and other fuel-efficient cars.’
    • ‘SUVs are big-time gas guzzlers, adding substantially to the problem of global warming, and it's killing our coral.’
    • ‘Drivers of gas guzzlers such as SUVs should stash away even more funds.’
    • ‘With the threat of climate change growing, who needs a gas guzzler that can travel at more than three times the speed limit?’
    • ‘The usual proposal for getting people to buy more fuel efficient cars is either a tax on gasoline or a tax on gas guzzlers.’
    • ‘‘The hybrid Lexus is also an answer to those who complain that SUVs are gas guzzlers,’ he said.’
    • ‘Modern living not only required a chrome-plated gas guzzler, a washing machine, fridge/freezer and similar household appliances but also modern-looking living space.’
    • ‘In older gas guzzlers the mileage is reduced by as much as 30%.’
    • ‘In the summer of 2002, the marginal buyers were pushing hard for the gas guzzlers.’
    • ‘While hybrids have carved out a trendy and growing niche, Americans show little sign of abandoning gas guzzlers, and margins on pickups can be double those for compacts such as the Civic.’
    • ‘This is still the land of the gas guzzler and we were at cross purposes.’
    • ‘I am heartened to see that cars like the Prius are becoming hip (perhaps the love affair with gas guzzlers is starting to decline).’
    • ‘Friends of the Earth recently analysed car adverts in national newspapers in the UK and discovered that the media are primarily promoting the least fuel-efficient gas guzzlers rather than smaller, greener cars.’
    • ‘It upsets some people because it's a big SUV and a gas guzzler.’
    • ‘If there's a sport-utility vehicle or other gas guzzler in your life, consider replacing it with a gas-sipping model like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight.’
    • ‘Despite growing awareness of problems such as global warming and a willingness, expressed in many opinion polls, for a fuller range of mass-transit options, Americans are depending on their gas guzzlers more than ever.’
    • ‘It also means mass transit, as well as things like government programs to buy up old gas guzzlers.’
    • ‘As local punters are not beating down dealership doors to buy these gas guzzlers, Porsche is bringing a 3.2 litre V6 engine on stream as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘With gas prices real high, people aren't quite as interested in those big gas guzzlers anymore, and that could hurt GM even more down the road.’


gas guzzler

/ˈɡæs ˌɡəz(ə)lər//ˈɡas ˌɡəz(ə)lər/