Definition of gas fitter in US English:

gas fitter


  • A person trained to connect, disconnect, and service gas fittings and appliances.

    • ‘It said it was vitally important consumers were not tempted to use non-registered gas fitters whose work is both potentially dangerous and illegal.’
    • ‘But also now affected are those who have worked in occupations with lower exposure (so called secondary exposure), such as plumbers, gas fitters, and carpenters.’
    • ‘He has instructed gas fitters on the requirements of the Gas Code’
    • ‘It's understandable - a bad gas fitter could kill you, a bad lawyer can't.’
    • ‘The new qualification for home inspectors will be modelled on the Corgi system for gas fitters, which may explain why utility companies are entering the market.’
    • ‘Huntley's father, Kevin, was an apprentice gas fitter while his mother, Lynda, was employed in a printing works.’
    • ‘A rogue gas fitter was given a community service order yesterday after he pleaded guilty to carrying out work when he had been banned by the Health and Safety Executive.’
    • ‘She said: ‘We prosecute quite a few gas fitters who are not Corgi-registered and the industry is always saying the penalties aren't severe enough.’
    • ‘I work as a gas fitter for Transco and the delay has cost me two hours of lost work.’
    • ‘His decision to become a gas fitter was prompted by a chance conversation with the man who fitted his boiler - who, it emerged, was earning much more than the academic.’
    • ‘Bremer, a plumber and gas fitter, built the first British four-wheeled petrol-engined motorcar.’
    • ‘The media last week picked up on the story of a biology lecturer who has become a gas fitter because the pay is better.’
    • ‘He is one of two RAE plumbers and gas fitters working flat out with the Operation's Military Engineer Group, to establish a camp for 2000 military and police personnel at the previously dormant Guadalcanal Beach Resort.’
    • ‘He was arrested after police received complaints from women about sexually-explicit remarks and behaviour allegedly made by the gas fitter during appointments.’
    • ‘He said the HSE had been in touch with CORGI to ensure gas fitters were alerted to the dangers.’
    • ‘The Sheffield-born son of a civil servant, he became a boiler-suited apprentice gas fitter by day and turned into Vance Arnold of the Avengers in a cool-dude at night playing rough city pubs.’
    • ‘The gas fitter from Nythe said: ‘The dog was in the middle of the road, it could have been killed.’’
    • ‘They were learning how to become gas fitters and they wanted to set up their own companies.’
    • ‘The next day, he posed some difficult questions to the gas fitter and the ‘emanation’ answered in a way that convinced him she knew far more about the subject than he did.’
    • ‘Born the son of a scaffolder and housewife in the Springburn area of Glasgow, he left St Mungo's Academy at 15 without even one O-level and became an apprentice gas fitter in Govan.’