Definition of gas constant in US English:

gas constant

(also R)


  • The constant of proportionality in the gas equation. It is equal to 8.314 joule kelvin⁻¹ mole⁻¹.

    • ‘Boltzmann's constant, often referred to as the gas constant per molecule, can be substituted for R / NA which yields PV = NkT, where P is pressure, V volume, N the number of molecules, k Boltzmann's constant, and T temperature.’
    • ‘According to the principle of equipartition of energy, the energy per degree of freedom for this kind of motion (called translational motion) is equal to 0.5RT, where R is the molar gas constant and T is the absolute temperature.’
    • ‘Comparing the phloem to an impermeable tube, of radius x and length L, its resistance is often estimated by the Poiseuille law where is the gas constant, T is the absolute temperature and is the viscosity of the transported solution.’
    • ‘The magic number 5417.7530 is a rounded constant; it's based on the molecular weight of water, latent heat of vaporization, and the universal gas constant.’
    • ‘A third way of writing the universal gas law is as pV = nRT where n represents the number of moles of gas being dealt with and R represents the universal gas constant.’