Definition of gas chromatograph in English:

gas chromatograph


  • A device or apparatus used in gas chromatography to separate the constituents of a volatile substance.

    • ‘The identification and quantification of GAs was carried out on a gas chromatograph (GC-MS) in selected ion monitoring mode.’
    • ‘Hydrogen gas is used extensively with gas chromatographs.’
    • ‘The phase ratio of the substance between the solvent and air above the solvent may be calculated using the peak areas of the two components following injection of each fraction into a gas chromatograph.’
    • ‘As a testament to his resourcefulness, Muller was able to obtain the first gas chromatograph on campus, normally the domain of the chemistry department.’
    • ‘We separated odors from both normal and wounded plants using a gas chromatograph, which separates chemical mixtures into components.’
    • ‘A system for determining the energy and volume delivered by a flowing natural gas carried within a pipeline based on BTU content analysis of the natural gas using a micro-miniature gas chromatograph.’
    • ‘An instrument called a gas chromatograph separates the complicated blend of chemicals found in the air around wheat plants swarming with sawflies.’
    • ‘The gas will then be separated into its constituent chemical species using a gas chromatograph.’
    • ‘A second instrument will collect the particles that make up Titan's haze, and heat them, sending vaporized traces of the particulates into a third instrument, a combination gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer.’
    • ‘Ethylene evolution was measured by injecting samples into a gas chromatograph equipped with a dual flame ionization detector and a metal column packed with alumina.’
    • ‘He and his colleagues hitched a gas chromatograph, which separates scent components, to equipment that measures nerve impulses in insect antennae.’
    • ‘After steady-state conditions had been achieved, a gas sample was collected from the gas exit port of each flask and the ethylene concentration was measured using a gas chromatograph equipped with a flame ionization detector.’
    • ‘Therefore, a gas chromatograph (Model 5890 Series II; Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA) equipped with a flame ionization detector was used to concurrently monitor the air control chamber.’
    • ‘The charcoal tubes were desorbed with 1 ml of carbon disulfide and analyzed on a gas chromatograph equipped with a packed nonpolar column and flame ionization detector.’
    • ‘A gas chromatograph has a packed column, usually a few meters long, that is rolled into a coil to make it more compact.’
    • ‘The gas chromatograph separates the substances present, and then each substance is broken into molecular fragments by the mass spectrometer.’
    • ‘We used a thermal desorption unit (model 890/891 [Supelco]) double-stage desorber to transfer compounds from the 2-mm Carbotrap to a gas chromatograph or a GC-mass spectrometer.’
    • ‘Analyses were conducted with a gas chromatograph equipped with flame ionization detector in accordance with Method 1003 of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.’
    • ‘A headspace sample was drawn from each vial and ethylene levels were analysed using a gas chromatograph equipped with a flame ionization detector.’
    • ‘The raw data from the gas chromatographs went directly into a computer which calculated and printed out the results of the analyses.’