Definition of gas burner in English:

gas burner


  • A nozzle or jet through which gas is released to burn, e.g., on a stove.

    • ‘They agreed with this point but insisted that dampers are unsafe when fireplaces have gas burners.’
    • ‘Each two-strong team was allowed to spend just £5 on ingredients, and all the cooking had to be done on double gas burners.’
    • ‘Huge gas burners at the corner of the pitch sent jets of flame into the sky as fireworks lit up the stadium.’
    • ‘Susan is on the phone to Libby and cooking tea, and is so caught up in this that she forgets to notice a bottle of cooking oil being tipped onto the lit gas burner.’
    • ‘A quilt of Canterbury farms and creeks unfolds below you in a grand design, with the spell broken only by the roar of the balloon's gas burners and the hoots of your fellow ‘balloonatics’.’
    • ‘An active system employs a mechanical method to remove the methane gas and can include recovery wells, gas collection lines, a gas burner, or a burner stack.’
    • ‘With the same styling as the company's regular ranges, the unit features four gas burners and two electric ovens.’
    • ‘Along with the usual gas burners and ovens, the stove also has a grill, rotisserie, deep fryer, and sink.’
    • ‘There is a situation in the town that when water pressure goes down, gas burners become air locked.’
    • ‘If he could do it again, he would add a second dishwasher because it's handy for entertaining, and he would get a gas range with both a gas oven and gas burners.’
    • ‘In the meantime, gas burners and motors which were badly damaged when the burst pipe flooded the boiler-room almost two weeks ago, have been replaced while the pool is expected to be re-filled by the weekend.’
    • ‘To ensure gentle, even heat, food cooked by the indirect method is not placed directly over coals or gas burners.’
    • ‘His open dining room features a marble counter with gas burners, a grill and translucent glass.’
    • ‘Because you can adjust the cooking temperature with more precision on a gas burner than on an electric range, many chefs prefer them.’
    • ‘Adjust gas burners for indirect heat on each side of grill (none down center); keep heat on high.’
    • ‘For a steak one or two inches thick, sear it over hot coals or a hot gas burner for a minute or two per side to keep the juices in.’
    • ‘Far too big and heavy for the average stove top, these are set on single-ring gas burners on the ground, and stirred with something more like an oar than a cooking utensil.’
    • ‘It also reduces the potential for burns from a hot stovetop by eliminating the need to reach over electric or gas burners.’
    • ‘She basked in the welcome heat coming off the gas burners.’
    • ‘Here, water was heated in a cast-iron ‘copper’ with a gas burner underneath, and the children would have their baths in a tin tub in front of the fire.’