Definition of gas-permeable in US English:



  • (of a contact lens) allowing the diffusion of gases into and out of the cornea.

    • ‘The lids and/or bottom surfaces contain steam- or gas-permeable, high-efficiency microbial filters.’
    • ‘Daily-wear soft lenses aren't as durable as gas-permeable lenses, but are more durable than disposable soft lenses.’
    • ‘I wore hard, then gas-permeable, lenses for years, and never had a problem with them until the last year or so.’
    • ‘All soft lenses are gas-permeable to a certain degree, and can be categorized further by the amount of water in the material.’
    • ‘Rigid or gas-permeable contact lenses appear to slow the development of axial myopia to a greater extent than bifocals, but the reason is unknown.’



/ˈˌɡas ˈpərmēəbəl//ˈˌɡæs ˈpərmiəbəl/