Definition of garter belt in US English:

garter belt


North American
  • A belt with attached garters or fasteners, worn as an undergarment to hold up stockings.

    • ‘This will eliminate confusion as well as the event where you unpack everything to see if you did indeed remember to pack your garter belt or not.’
    • ‘Here's more on the personal items that were sold, including bras, stockings, and garter belts.’
    • ‘Let's get a quote from the expert, Ebby Calvin ‘Nuke’ LaLoosh, who wore a garter belt when he was pitching for the Durham Bulls.’
    • ‘White and black striped stockings kicked through the air, covered only minimally by a black and burgundy skirt, which had flipped up, revealing a garter belt and a number of knives.’
    • ‘Even if I can't be bothered to do the garter belt up in the back.’
    • ‘He is the only male performer wearing a garter belt and hose.’
    • ‘In the ‘Pelt’ paintings, Finley airily outlined bodices, thongs, brassieres, garter belts and fasteners.’
    • ‘Nothing says ‘trying too hard’ than a garter belt and merry widow.’
    • ‘Unhooking her stockings, she rolled them down before taking off her garter belt and slipping the gown over her head.’
    • ‘She wore stocking that were striped horizontally, secured by a garter belt, the straps of which was just visible.’
    • ‘‘I find the rules that dictate femininity and masculinity are constraining and too obsessive,’ says Gagnon, perhaps partly in explanation of his leather garter belts for men.’
    • ‘A warmly welcomed returning veteran is the garter belt.’
    • ‘Another piece, set to Hawaiianesque lounge music, featured two women in grass skirts with garter belts affixed to the outside, bras with gaudy plastic flowers on them and faux palm trees perched atop their heads.’
    • ‘For the seven or so people who've never heard of the campaign, let's just say it involves a man, a dingy apartment, a chicken suit, and a garter belt.’
    • ‘The dress lay open in the back to reveal a black lace bra, panties and the garter belt that lay against her hips.’
    • ‘She straightened the sheer black hose and attached it to her garter belt.’
    • ‘Beside this, an armchair was covered in a wild outgrowth of clothes: summer dresses; stockings; suspenders; a garter belt; an ornate white basque that she had worn for him one night.’
    • ‘A mirror reflects the object of her scrutiny: a slender figure in black garter belt and stockings, visible from the waist down.’
    • ‘Thank you for having funky garter belts and for having underwear that I adore.’
    • ‘A stubborn child, he refused in his first youth hockey season to wear the garter belt required to keep his socks in place.’


garter belt

/ˈɡärdər belt//ˈɡɑrdər bɛlt/