Definition of garrulously in US English:



  • See garrulous

    • ‘He also garrulously and somewhat incoherently attacked the media, accusing them to have conspired against him, in order to get him into the Chancellery.’
    • ‘These six, some more garrulously than others, explain themselves to his camera and are elaborated on by the indulgent Marton.’
    • ‘She speaks garrulously about her youth as a wealthy English-girl and how she hates aristocracy and never wanted to marry.’
    • ‘Dressed off-camera in a hooded top, he talks garrulously, leaping irreverently from topic to topic, wincing when he remembers the vituperative tenor of the reviews received by his last book, Rembrandt's Eyes, published last year.’
    • ‘Her father was a sailor and a garrulously mean man.’