Definition of garment bag in US English:

garment bag


  • A large zippered bag incorporating a hanger on which garments may be hung to prevent wrinkling during travel or storage.

    • ‘Dina hung her garment bag from the closet door and unzipped it.’
    • ‘He picked up a garment bag and a wheeled, hard-sider duffle from beside the rack that held the bulk of his clothing, and toted them down to the small garage behind the shop where his truck was parked.’
    • ‘You can slip one of these little luxuries into your garment bag or car or on the back of a chair in your work space for an instant escape.’
    • ‘I had all my costumes slung over my shoulder in a garment bag and I was carrying my huge make-up case with me.’
    • ‘If you love a classic, natural look to your eco-friendly bag, try Ecolution's line of hemp handbags, backpacks, duffel and garment bags.’
    • ‘He opened his closet, hanging his garment bag there.’
    • ‘He was suddenly very glad that he'd chosen the outfit he had brought with him in the garment bag.’
    • ‘The beribboned Almost Ready accessory bag and the Go-Go garment bag are perfect for a European getaway or just humdrum daily use (work, gym, press conference).’
    • ‘He let go of the small bag and grabbed the bigger one by the handle pulling it along after him, the garment bag slung over one shoulder and another overnight bag on the other.’
    • ‘He snagged his garment bag, slinging it over his shoulder.’
    • ‘They share a laugh as they make their way to the cashier, who puts the dress in a plastic garment bag.’
    • ‘No, we just took our things in garment bags and changed there.’
    • ‘A removable hanging garment bag helps prevent wrinkles, and a 2.5-inch expansion makes it easy to pack that extra pair of running shoes.’
    • ‘She draped the black garment bag that was as tall as she was and embroidered with a glittering silver Celtic knotwork over her arm, picked up her fire engine red suitcase, grabbed the boom box and turned towards the elevators.’
    • ‘One problem with business travel is that even if you're only on the road for a few days, you're still stuck lugging around a laptop, a garment bag, and, perhaps, a backpack full of weekend gear.’
    • ‘The jazz band director hung the garment bag on a file cabinet in the office where it was to stay until they opened the uniform storage room in another two weeks.’
    • ‘So, we each took at least one suitcase and always a hanging garment bag.’
    • ‘To protect them even more, you could slip a garbage bag or an old garment bag over each cushion to save cleanup time in the spring.’
    • ‘She closed her garment bag and took a deep breath.’
    • ‘When you see an MC walking into the venue with garment bags, you assume it's going to be a different kind of show.’