Definition of garlic press in US English:

garlic press


  • A handheld device for crushing cloves of garlic.

    • ‘It looks like an incredibly oversized garlic press or, if you're a complete imbecile in the kitchen, it looks like a playdough press that you might have had as a child (the kind that turned the dough into colorful spaghetti).’
    • ‘I put several cloves in the basket of my new garlic press and pushed down and my kitchen became pungent with this wonderful smell.’
    • ‘In other news, I'm renouncing the garlic press.’
    • ‘Shelling is often done at primitive factories, sometimes using nothing more complicated than a hand-operated lever and piston arrangement resembling a gigantic garlic press.’
    • ‘For finishing touches, bits of green dough were pressed through a garlic press and placed under the feet of the figures for grass.’
    • ‘Or, even simpler, just pass the pieces through a garlic press.’
    • ‘Chop the garlic clove thinly or crush it with a garlic press.’
    • ‘The garlic press, however, is much cheaper and will actually do something beneficial.’
    • ‘People always ask why I, the garlic fiend, do not own a garlic press.’
    • ‘Do it by hand if you have a decent knife, but a garlic press will do if you're feeling lazy.’
    • ‘In my mystery gift I got a garlic press and a jelly mould and a couple of other things.’
    • ‘Use a garlic press, pestle, or the side of a chef's knife to make a paste, which you can add to salad dressings or dishes at the end of cooking.’
    • ‘Has anyone out there found a garlic press that is durable, smart-looking, and fun to use?’
    • ‘If you have a garlic press, squish two of the cloves.’
    • ‘Obviously the book is a marketing exercise but it's a fun read - the Neapolitan recipes work and there are a number of honestly helpful hints such as the importance of never using a garlic press.’
    • ‘That's why a whole bulb has just a faint garlic aroma but the scent of a clove forced through the tiny holes of a garlic press can fill a room.’