Definition of garlic mustard in US English:

garlic mustard


  • A European mustard plant with medicinal and culinary uses that is also an aggressive woodland invader in most of the eastern US.

    Alliaria petiolata, family Brassicaceae

    • ‘Not all portions or habitats of the reserve, such as deciduous floodplain forest, had been invaded by garlic mustard at the time of this study.’
    • ‘Continuous removal of garlic mustard over 3 years led to more garlic mustard recruitment but also more native annuals (particularly Impatiens capensis) and tree seedlings.’
    • ‘The invasion of garlic mustard has emerged as another threat in recent years, and the potential effects of modern global warming are yet another concern.’
    • ‘He sees tree of heaven and Japanese barberry, garlic mustard and stilt grass invading the heart of the forest.’
    • ‘We reared 30 offspring from each female in sib-groups of five in plastic cups containing garlic mustard leaves to minimize the effect of variation of larval host-plant quality.’
    • ‘To that end, we are taken out to a meadow overgrown with heavy grasses, garlic mustard, and wild burdock, a place known as Vole City for its large population of small rodents.’
    • ‘Although preferring the dainty white florets of garlic mustard, they occasionally sample a bluebell or two.’
    • ‘They found that taller garlic mustard plants also produce more seeds and fruits.’
    • ‘The invasive biennial garlic mustard utilizes both of these strategies by maintaining a basal rosette during fall, winter, and early spring.’
    • ‘A cool-season biennial, garlic mustard stays green all winter; a rapid colonizer, it can grow during every maw.’