Definition of gardenia in US English:



  • A tree or shrub of the bedstraw family, with large fragrant white or yellow flowers. Native to warm climates, it is widely cultivated.

    Genus Gardenia, family Rubiaceae: several species, in particular the Cape jasmine

    • ‘Violet-blue primroses and gardenias skirt a fountain in a smaller circular garden near the front door.’
    • ‘Trees with white gardenias were planted as decoration in some areas to give the courtyard a more appealing atmosphere, rather than all of it being just stone and rock.’
    • ‘In summer and autumn gardenias, hibiscus, hydrangeas and ixoras are versatile enough to cope with both sun and shade.’
    • ‘Fill some of the containers in your entry with scented bedding plants like dianthus or stock, aromatic evergreens like rosemary and lavender, or fragrant shrubs like gardenia.’
    • ‘Much easier to grow than a gardenia, its fragrance is gentle and increases at night.’
    • ‘Fall is an ideal time to plant gardenias and other shrubs.’
    • ‘If you think about it, orchids, gardenias, heliconias, Birds of Paradise, and plumerias are all lovely additions to gardens in tropical areas.’
    • ‘If foliage of azaleas, camellias, citrus, gardenias, and others is yellowish with green veins, the plants need iron.’
    • ‘Without regard to the season, flowers bloom year long, with excellent varieties of roses, bird of paradise, geraniums, azaleas, camellias, and gardenias.’
    • ‘Experts say coffee grounds help acidify the soil and can be beneficial in beds with plants such as azaleas and gardenias.’
    • ‘If foliage on azaleas, camellias, citrus, and gardenias is yellowish with green veins, the plants need iron.’
    • ‘The dining room table where books were stacked for sale was decorated with crystal bowls of fragrant gardenias.’
    • ‘They prefer a slightly acidic environment so make ideal companion plants for azaleas, camellias and gardenias.’
    • ‘Ornamental specimens such as cordylines, duranta, gardenias, grevilleas, hibiscus, ixora and oleander should be gently contained within reasonable bounds during their flowering periods, and given a harder prune later in the season.’
    • ‘Consider a blooming bonsai, bougainvillea, daylily, or gardenia, or a citrus tree such as ‘Clementine’ tangerine, ‘Improved Meyer’ lemon, or kumquat.’
    • ‘You also might consider a gardenia, white-flowering duranta, white datura (can trigger allergy) and ‘Ducher,’ an antique white rose, for sun.’
    • ‘To avoid infestations, shipments of fragrant, creamy-white gardenias from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland have been banned since 1948.’
    • ‘Yellowing, twisted foliage with tiny webs appears on susceptible species including gardenias, scheffleras, ivy, and roses.’
    • ‘Use it on all but gardenias, azaleas, camellias and Australian natives.’
    • ‘The frangipani, gardenias and jasmine will all be in flower for Christmas.’


Modern Latin, named in honor of Dr Alexander Garden (1730–91), Scottish naturalist.