Definition of garden warbler in US English:

garden warbler


  • A migratory Eurasian songbird with drab plumage, frequenting woodlands.

    Sylvia borin, family Sylviidae

    • ‘In their study, the researchers compared two species of night-migratory songbirds - garden warblers and European robins - with two non-migratory songbirds - zebra finches and canaries.’
    • ‘A recent study has shown that the migratory garden warbler has a much better long-term memory than its close relative, the Sardinian warbler, a nonmigratory species.’
    • ‘People on the one to two-hour guided walks may also hear warblers such as the blackcap, the garden warbler, the reed warbler, the sedge warbler and the chiffchaff.’
    • ‘Many of our assumptions are based on estimates for the garden warbler, Sylvia borin (e.g., flight range, fuel deposition rates).’
    • ‘Other reported species usually not seen during the British winter included willow warblers, garden warblers, reed warblers, and whitethroats.’
    • ‘Next he used garden warblers, which were kept in a cage until their behaviour showed that they were desperate to migrate.’
    • ‘But even a year after the initial exposure, the migratory garden warblers spent significantly more time in whichever room - ivy- or geranium-laden - had initially provided lunch.’
    • ‘We have planted over 800 native trees along the embankment, creating a wonderful habitat for warblers such as whitethroat, garden warbler and blackcap, as well as linnets, once a common bird that seems to be disappearing.’
    • ‘They found that migratory garden warblers are able to memorize and remember a particular feeding site for at least a year.’