Definition of garden-fresh in English:



  • (of produce) very fresh; just picked.

    ‘a salad of garden-fresh greens’
    • ‘Garden fresh produce is healthier and better tasting.’
    • ‘Amsterdam is a culinary adventure and we'll enjoy it to the fullest, from inventive contemporary cuisine to garden-fresh creations enjoyed right in the greenhouse.’
    • ‘Ripening would be timed to exactly complement placement on a grocery store shelf, all while maintaining an odor and flavor profile of a garden-fresh crop.’
    • ‘Although it would be ideal if you could make them each with garden-fresh corn, the season for fresh corn passes too quickly to make that possible.’
    • ‘Sweet-pea risotto tastes garden fresh, brightly studded with tender lobster chunks.’
    • ‘Many vegetables also thrive in containers, so you don't even need a garden in order to get those garden-fresh veggies.’
    • ‘Almost anything can go into a soup but be aware that the fresher your ingredients are (garden-fresh is ideal but impossible in winter of course) the better and more satisfying your final product will be.’
    • ‘Now that the corn has been harvested, it is highly recommended that the corn be used as quickly as possible to truly enjoy its garden-fresh flavor.’
    • ‘Knowing well of my severe dearth of garden-fresh onions, Ken was so kind as to present me with a very large bunch from his very own garden.’
    • ‘Home-style Greek cuisine at its best employs garden-fresh ingredients and herbs, and that's what Eos offers.’
    • ‘Many vegetables are delicious when sizzled on the grill; they'll complement garden-fresh salads and barbecue fare.’
    • ‘She melted wax to seal garden-fresh carrots into preserve jars.’
    • ‘On one corner lot lies Camille's Market Garden, which supplies chefs at upscale restaurants with garden-fresh specialty produce.’
    • ‘Garden-fresh smells abound, with tarragon, coriander and, you guessed it, Colorado tree moss.’
    • ‘On a table, I'd fill a weathered basket or wooden trough with garden-fresh vegetables.’
    • ‘Where can you get garden-fresh tomatoes in early spring and late fall?’
    • ‘Fruity green olive oil is the heart and garden-fresh basil is the soul of a good pesto.’
    • ‘My ancestry is enriched by a long line of midwives and healers including my grandmother who taught us the best way to take care of one's body was to eat garden fresh foods and to use herbal medicine.’
    • ‘This admittedly murky-looking alternative to fruit juice is so cool because it's loaded with garden-fresh mint, basil, or tarragon, and is deceptively easy to prepare.’
    • ‘The Mediterranean salad proved just as satisfying: garden-fresh cucumbers, succulent yellow tomatoes, vinegared onions and tender leaves of escarole.’
    newly harvested, not stale, crisp, firm, unwilted, unfaded
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