Definition of garboard in US English:


(also garboard strake)


  • The first range of planks or plates laid on a ship's bottom next to the keel.

    • ‘They replaced the keelson and garboards, learning on the job; they sanded 18 layers of paint off the deck.’
    • ‘Sailboats are some times fitted with a garboard drain plug to serve the same function when wintering ashore.’
    • ‘When dry, the completed garboard was removed from the building frame and the scarphed joins sanded smooth.’
    • ‘After the garboards and inside keel are fiberglassed, the hull is ready for sanding, painting, and finish woodwork.’
    • ‘This operation, if accurately performed, will give the exact shape of the lower edge of the garboard.’
    • ‘I wonder if this is just the garboards or if the developments for the other plank are also incorrect.’
    • ‘Traditionally, wooden boats had a bronze threaded plug in their garboard for just this reason.’
    • ‘After the new garboards are installed, we'll tighten or refasten all the copper nails.’
    • ‘The rest of the hull is glassed with one layer and the bottom and garboards are further coated in epoxy and graphite.’
    • ‘This tongue forms a very solid backing for the garboard strakes and is pierced with holes in pairs as shown from side to side.’
    • ‘However, it is normal practice to caulk the garboard strake and the hood ends with cotton caulking, or oakum in heavier work, and seal it over with a filling compound.’
    • ‘The assembly of the garboards with the middle body of the keel is made by mortise-and-tenon joints.’
    • ‘The elm used for the garboard was for greater rot resistance and the fact that elm is very tough wood.’
    • ‘Assessment of her condition was completed when the garboards were removed to make all visible.’
    • ‘Planks were usually screwed at the ends and, in some cases, the garboard strakes received similar treatment.’
    • ‘I have never had to employ oak garboards, but I would do it without hesitation should the need arise.’
    • ‘The dark mahogany color of the garboards make for quite a contrast with the birch planks above.’
    • ‘The second garboard was cut out using a router and a pattern-cutting bit using the first garboard as a pattern.’
    • ‘Here is a series of pictures of the process of gluing and screwing the garboard planks.’
    • ‘We expect that removal of the garboards and other planks will force replacement of at least some backbone components.’


Early 17th century: from Dutch gaarboord, perhaps from garen ‘gather’ + boord ‘board’.