Definition of garbage collection in US English:

garbage collection


North American
  • 1The action or process of collecting refuse for disposal.

    ‘municipal garbage collection in the neighborhood is inadequate’
    • ‘Because garbage collection in the capital is not efficient, enormous trash piles litter the streets.’
    • ‘There were no sales, water or sewer taxes, and garbage collection was free.’
    • ‘They are also protesting the commodification of public goods and services, like water, electricity and garbage collection.’
    • ‘The new system of garbage collection was introduced to meet the specific needs of the three different plants.’
    • ‘They remember when the idea of paying for garbage collection was preposterous.’
    • ‘Three years later, the municipality took over the garbage collection.’
    • ‘There's a cost to cleaning the environment as there is to city garbage collection and sewer treatment.’
    • ‘The goal is to reduce the duplication of local services such as garbage collection, public education, and policing.’
    • ‘Because Goa has no garbage collection, the detritus of tourism is often simply dumped at sea.’
    • ‘The service exists in parallel to the normal garbage collection service.’
    1. 1.1Computing The automatic process of freeing up space in a computer's memory by removing data that is no longer required or in use.
      as modifier ‘the easiest way to determine if our application is burning through memory is to examine the garbage collection logs’
      • ‘The register window also incurs a performance penalty when doing garbage collection.’
      • ‘If you must use C, consider a garbage collection or memory pool library.’
      • ‘Languages such as Java have introduced garbage collection mechanisms that relieve programmers of this burden.’
      • ‘Garbage Collection is a mechanism that provides automatic memory reclamation for unused memory blocks.’
      • ‘It allows you to write code that returns something like a string, without putting in place the overhead of a garbage collection scheme.’