Definition of garbage chute in US English:

garbage chute


North American
  • A chute in a high-rise building for conveying domestic refuse from upper floors to a collection point at the bottom.

    ‘some owners try to force bags that are too large down the garbage chute’
    • ‘Fire brigade officers have said that garbage chute can accumulate methane like gases if not cleaned regularly.’
    • ‘She went out into the hallway and dumped her supper into the garbage chute.’
    • ‘Because debris falls down into the drains, away from view, it is easy to treat them like garbage chutes.’
    • ‘Garbage bags piled up by the full garbage chutes.’
    • ‘One of our brilliant neighbors threw their ashtray down the garbage chute.’
    • ‘Mom comes back, newspaper in hand, complaining that the garbage chute is broken--again.’
    • ‘Our neighbour was desperately attempting to cram a month's worth of garbage into a modestly sized garbage chute.’
    • ‘I put the chicken detritus into a plastic bag and wandered down the hallway to the garbage chute.’
    • ‘Now there is a big sign by the garbage chute that says that suite owners will be charged $250 if garbage is left on the floor.’
    • ‘People who used to sort their recycling are getting frustrated and just throwing everything down the garbage chute.’