Definition of gap year in US English:

gap year


  • A period, typically an academic year, taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education.

    • ‘Laura was taking a gap year in her education after finishing a course at Sheffield College.’
    • ‘In spite of these statistics, increasing numbers of students choose to take a gap year after graduating.’
    • ‘The former Dauntsey's School girl, on a gap year before going to college, worked as a care assistant at Brendoncare.’
    • ‘She was on a gap year before going to university to study teaching.’
    • ‘Other American students who have not yet been accepted to college use a gap year specifically to build their resumes.’
    • ‘Back then, she thought modelling might simply be funding a gap year before art college.’
    • ‘Not for them two or three years at college with a gap year to chase kangaroos before going on to university.’
    • ‘Students embarking on a gap year in the developing world are focusing on fun and failing to learn about the culture of new countries, it was claimed yesterday.’
    • ‘However, missionary endeavour is much more than a gap year or two between university and a career.’
    • ‘He was on a gap year before going to university and was working at a firm of solicitors in the centre of Bradford to save up for a trip to Tanzania in the summer.’
    • ‘During her gap year she broke in the younger of the horses and completed all the initial training of the animal.’
    • ‘Tara, 19, from north London, had a gap year before university.’
    • ‘Recently I hosted an event for a charity which helps young British people to travel during their gap year and overseas students to study in the UK.’
    • ‘When I came back I didn't find it at all shocking that none of my high school friends took a gap year, and very few of my now college friends had either.’
    • ‘Peter, 19, who left Marlborough College in the summer, has a variety of work planned for his gap year before going to university.’
    • ‘Lots of students now take a gap year and use it to travel or work abroad.’
    • ‘Her son Chris, 19, was taken ill last weekend in the city of Jinja in South East Uganda, where he is working at a college during his gap year.’
    • ‘Her gap year after university was spent working for the Glasgow Mission.’
    • ‘He is taking a gap year between school and university, and is currently working as a spiked intern.’
    • ‘Laura, a former student of Sheffield College, was taking a gap year, and Natalie had taken eight months off her shop job to travel with her.’


gap year