Definition of ganzfeld in US English:



  • A technique of controlled sensory input used in parapsychology with the aim of improving results in tests of telepathy and other paranormal phenomena.

    • ‘It is not intended to cover all psi experiences which appear to involve information transfer, or even to be a complete explanation for ganzfeld ESP type experiments.’
    • ‘The rooms used in the present study have been previously used in various ganzfeld experiments, and are considered to be secure.’
    • ‘One major concern is that the ganzfeld methodology does not in every instance produce significant results.’
    • ‘As mentioned above, there were problems with the original ganzfeld experiments involving sensory leakage and randomization procedures.’
    • ‘Surely, the argument goes, there cannot be this many unpublished studies in view of the small size of the ganzfeld research community in parapsychology and the difficulty and expense of conducting such research.’
    • ‘In the present study, we sought to test this explanation for the apparent decline in ganzfeld effect sizes.’
    • ‘Prior to a ganzfeld session, the experimenter turned on the autoganzfeld equipment.’
    • ‘This study adopted a variant on the standard ganzfeld protocol.’
    • ‘On arrival, participants were greeted and given a brief summary of the experimental protocol involved in dyadic ganzfeld ESP sessions.’
    • ‘In ganzfeld experiments, subjects place two halves of an ordinary ping-pong ball over their eyes, erasing any visual stimulation.’
    • ‘For ESP he cites the ganzfeld studies, the government-sponsored remote viewing program, and the Louisa Rhine database of spontaneous ESP experiences.’
    • ‘For example, the results of ganzfeld experiments have varied wildly, indicating that the results depend greatly on who is doing the experiment.’
    • ‘The same false-feedback audio sequence was used for all participants and was initially created by having the experimenter sit in the ganzfeld room during a dummy run and describe any random mentation that occurred.’
    • ‘Discussion of the ganzfeld controversy in Psychological Bulletin accounted for 63 citations.’
    • ‘For example, the initial ganzfeld studies obtained significant results with pictures as targets.’
    • ‘Direct evaluation cannot be done because very few ganzfeld studies have included a control group.’
    • ‘The experimenter asked the receiver to rate and rank each of the four pictures according to the experience she or he had during the ganzfeld procedure.’
    • ‘This provided a rationale for the ganzfeld paradigm and outlined the stages of the experimental procedure, focusing on the roles of the experimenter, sender, and receiver.’
    • ‘The ganzfeld technique, which has provided some of the best evidence for ESP, is believed to induce a hypnagogiclike state.’
    • ‘Likewise, if the amount of relevant mentation produced by the receiver only rarely leads to the correct identification of the target, then doubt is cast on the reliability of the ganzfeld protocol for exploring ESP effects.’


1950s: from German, literally ‘whole field’.