Definition of gank in US English:



[with object]US
  • 1Take or steal (something)

    ‘if I have the money, I won't have to gank the books’
    ‘my friend got his backpack ganked out of his car’
    • ‘It looks like the photos were ganked off this activist site.’
    • ‘I knew my parents would gank my skates if I got busted for skating.’
    • ‘He looks around and glowers to find who ganked his drink.’
    • ‘If he wasn't paying for this meal, I might have ganked the entire thing off his plate.’
    • ‘That probably means he didn't pay for it at all—since he was a shipping clerk, he probably just ganked it.’
    • ‘Many CDs were ganked outta my ride.’
    • ‘The design is ganked from my winter piece, if it looks familiar.’
    • ‘I thought I'd hunt around online to see if I could gank some of it.’
    • ‘They had a big discussion about what to do with all the money they ganked from a tiny hunk's duffel.’
    • ‘He would be fixin' for a tantrum if he found out she'd ganked the vest from his trunk.’
    • ‘I bet Anna's still all mad that her necklace got ganked.’
    • ‘I ganked the idea off a friend of mine who said the theme for her daughter's birthday was "birthday party", which was hilarious to me.’
    • ‘I also ganked bites of the fresh pasta salad that came with my Mom's generous BLT every chance I got.’
    • ‘No team wants a signature move ganked by another team.’
    • ‘I'm eating one of those peanut butter flavored granola bars which I ganked from the breakfast area.’
    • ‘I take that site as an inspiration, which doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to start ganking stuff from it so settle down.’
    1. 1.1 Defraud or rob (someone)
      ‘they can take trade-ins of new releases and sell them for $55, essentially ganking the publishers’
      • ‘Kelly upbraids one of them for not listening to him. ''Don't gank me,'' Kelly says.’
      • ‘In their confession to police, the two youths said they would go ‘make a run’ or ‘gank' an elderly woman.’
      • ‘Yeah, I'm gonna buy the old banger and get ganked on the price!’
      • ‘I'm going to gank Frankie for his jewelry and stuff.’
      • ‘I still hope they're tied to some kind of big bad, even if it's one that ganks the reunited couple.’
  • 2(in a video game) use underhand means to defeat or kill (a less experienced opponent)

    ‘that troll just ganked me’
    • ‘There are some people who get their kicks out of ganking.’
    • ‘The lack of wards definitely results in a map that revolves around extreme and near-constant ganking and team fights.’
    • ‘The trio will totally gank any and every other vampire they come across.’
    • ‘You're going to want to bring more people because you want to kill it faster before someone else comes to gank you.’
    • ‘Being ganked by a dude that's been playing the game over and over for years and who knows every skill and every shortcut about the game is not fun for a first time player.’
    • ‘This character is well-suited to ganking, with skills that can immobilize and hit hard.’
    • ‘The whole point of the game is people are looking to gank you, and so are the zombies.’
    • ‘You can gank someone half your level right outside of town and the guards do nothing.’
    • ‘In 2015, I want to die less often and gank mid levels for early kills more often.’
    • ‘The entire map is much smaller, affording teams the freedom to drift between lanes and rush to fight or gank enemies when necessary.’
    • ‘Instead of ganking the huge fleet everyone else was attacking, I wiped out the home planet of the guy with the most victory points.’
    • ‘Once you gank too much you can get arrested and put in jail.’
    • ‘I don't enjoy being ganked by seriously overpowered players.’
    • ‘While playing on PC, every player sees their own items and doesn't have to worry about anyone else ganking them; while playing co-op, you'll all swim in the same treasure pool.’
    • ‘All people do is gang up and gank low levels.’
    • ‘I am going to have the toughest elf ever and if I ever see you in my zone, prepare to get ganked, n00b.’
    • ‘I'm a long time WoW player and I'll come keep pesky high levels from ganking you.’
    • ‘I am myself hopelessly addicted to WoW, but I'm not telling you what server I play on—I get ganked enough as it is.’
    • ‘I just hope that you don't have to expect to be ganked early and often.’
    • ‘Obviously, if I have a great build and all the right gear at a certain point I might way outclass players at my level, which can lead to ganking.’
    • ‘Those first 2 weeks of me figuring out how to gank people who are new to the game is going to be amazing.’


1980s: origin uncertain; perhaps imitative or perhaps a shortening of an altered pronunciation of gangster.