Definition of gangsterism in US English:



  • See gangster

    • ‘Crime and gangsterism became a way of life for many youths and young adults.’
    • ‘This is a counterrevolutionary organization, with a long history of gangsterism and thuggery against any and all left-wing political opponents.’
    • ‘A teeming mass of activity, Hillbrow is seen by many as a place where the entirety of South Africa's evils can be found, an epitome of drug dealings, prostitution, gangsterism, illegal immigrants, squalor and crime.’
    • ‘Through suppression of information, cover-ups, lies and outright gangsterism, these industry heads sought to continue their conspiracy against the public.’
    • ‘The paramilitary organisations on both sides have long since been political fronts for gangsterism and racketeering.’