Definition of gangplow in US English:



  • A type of plow with several blades for turning two or more furrows at one time.

    • ‘On one of his trips to Ohio, he made one of the first gangplows for use in breaking ground, but lack of funds prevented his putting it on the market, and being more of an inventor that a promoter, he realized nothing from it.’
    • ‘This is practically the only area south of the Danube with fields large enough to permit the use of tractors, gangplows and binders.’
    • ‘I figure I can raise twice as much cotton on that kind of land with a gangplow, because it's the best I ever saw.’
    • ‘He was only 11 at the time, but he had already learned to drive four-horse teams hitched to gangplows, and to build a house from the foundation up.’
    • ‘On his ranch in Los Alamos, he used gangplows, headers and threshing machines.’
    • ‘For example, the gangplow had disks on it to cut the sod in addition to a plough to overturn the earth.’
    • ‘In 1896 the farm was using 24 binders, 7 headers, 2 threshing machines, 20 gangplows, 14 drills and many wagons.’