Definition of gametophytic in US English:



  • See gametophyte

    • ‘The pollen grain is the male gametophytic phase of flowering plants.’
    • ‘In barley, a combination of starvation and osmotic stress is able to induce efficiently a microspore developmental switch from the gametophytic to the sporophytic pathway, a process called androgenesis.’
    • ‘Individual specimens were identified to the generic level from the morphology of the young sporophytes and the presence or absence of gametophytic trichomes.’
    • ‘In both species there are several layers of cells with labyrinthine walls (transfer cells) on both the sporophytic and gametophytic side of the placenta.’
    • ‘Seed development requires co-ordinated expression of embryo and endosperm and is controlled by sporophytic, male gametophytic, and female gametophytic genes.’