Definition of gamesomeness in US English:



  • See gamesome

    • ‘‘I hope he'd be very proud of the film,’ he said, ‘I think he would be delighted by the blend of his original sense of humour and fun and gamesomeness with the universe and with the fact that it's a proper Hollywood movie.’’
    • ‘The script's kind of gamesomeness is hard for her to achieve in the outfit associated with modern disaffected and youth.’
    • ‘In the midst of all that glee and gamesomeness it was strange to see one standing joyless.’
    • ‘But he has not become a fool, nor has he lost all his malice - even though it now takes the form of malicious gamesomeness.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the uncertainty that surrounded the potential magnitude of the payoffs added a rather interesting sense of gamesomeness to the plan.’