Definition of game plan in English:

game plan


  • A strategy worked out in advance, especially in sports, politics, or business.

    • ‘Offenses can't run up the middle on them, and many teams take plays out of their game plans when facing defenses that feature these players.’
    • ‘They outline a game plan that has the players arranged like pieces on a chess board.’
    • ‘The coordinator calls plays, puts in game plans and works with one side of the ball.’
    • ‘He wanted to build a team, compose game plans, strategize during contests, and celebrate victories and maybe even championships.’
    • ‘He's the kind of coach who works endless hours to prepare game plans for a quarterback-friendly system that turns signal-callers into stars.’
    • ‘He takes great delight in preparing a game plan and watching his players execute it.’
    • ‘Faxes provide an aerial view of a play soon after it is completed, giving coaches timely information that helps them adjust game plans and schemes.’
    • ‘Their emphasis has been on tactical and strategic game plans, talent-spotting at neighbouring schools and then offering them bursaries to play for their schools.’
    • ‘With these basics out of the way, we can start to build a game plan and talk about strategy.’
    • ‘I think, perhaps, a lot more thought goes into the planning of your own game plans and looking at the opposition than ever before.’
    • ‘He treats veterans with great respect, allowing them to take it easy in training camp and seeking out their opinions on everything from game plans to league issues.’
    • ‘The scenario didn't allow Georgia coaches to finalize game plans.’
    • ‘Therefore players should organize practices, compose game plans using central planning sessions, and change training camp to re-education camp for coaches and owners.’
    • ‘Before this season, the Seahawks' defensive game plans were much more ambitious.’
    • ‘He moves with authority through Maryland's offense, but now defensive game plans will be geared to stop him.’
    • ‘Everything revolves around the defensive game plans he concocts and his ability to keep the team on the same page during tough times.’
    • ‘We've noticed some particular weaknesses in the game plan we tried playing to last year.’
    • ‘The Colts' system also discourages opponents from devising risky game plans.’
    • ‘If the players find their game plans overwhelming, imagine what opponents think.’
    • ‘He can be a head coach or an assistant whose masterful handling of his players and creation of game plans make a huge difference in a team's fortunes.’
    scheme, plan of action, idea, master plan, proposal, proposition, ploy, suggestion, project, programme, system, method, procedure, strategy, stratagem, formula, recipe, scenario, arrangement, schedule, agenda
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game plan

/ˈɡām ˌplan//ˈɡeɪm ˌplæn/