Definition of gambusia in US English:



  • another term for mosquitofish
    • ‘Fish around in the lagoon include eels, gambusias and the springer great mullet.’
    • ‘Dozens of small gambusia fish in each pool keep mosquitoes in check.’
    • ‘He, who grew up on the north shore of Lake Maggiore, filled a fish pond in the back yard with water hyacinths and gambusias from Lake Maggiore.’
    • ‘The gambusia can retreat to the pool during dry periods and then re-colonize other areas as the water returns.’
    • ‘The ESA was not enough to save two species of fish in Texas, the Amistad and San Marcos gambusias; a bird in Florida, the dusky seaside sparrow; or a fish in Maryland, the Maryland darter.’
    • ‘If anything, the gambusias may be too small for the gar to bother with right now.’
    • ‘Native gambusias are the best choice for mosquito control; those desiring underwater color should invest a pittance in dime-apiece ‘feeder goldfish.’’
    • ‘Surviving populations at Big Bend, which live in a single, protected pool, descend from three gambusias rescued from the declining population in 1956.’
    • ‘The gambusias were fine, and the vals I had (which I collected from a freshwater stream about 500 km from the sea) were growing faster than ever.’
    • ‘At the creek, I'd dip into current or up under the banks, for eels, small cats, suckers, and in the flow for dace, gambusias, and even small jack and perch.’


Modern Latin, alteration of American Spanish gambusino.