Definition of Galloway in English:



  • An animal of a breed of cattle that originated in Galloway, Scotland. They are hornless and black and are raised for beef.

    • ‘As the Prince continued his tour of the show, held at the Earls Court exhibition centre, he stopped to admire another prize winner, a Galloway steer named Jumping Jack, who repeatedly dribbled and snorted on to his polished shoe.’
    • ‘After seeing an advert, he and his wife, Rose, travelled to the Isle of Mull to look at some Galloways and knew they had found the right breed.’
    • ‘Shorthorns are the oldest recorded breed of cattle in Britain and, like the light-footed Galloways who were brought in to the 235-hectare former RAF base last September, they are hardy enough to live outside all year round.’
    • ‘Apart from the unique attractiveness derived from the coat colours, the Belted Galloway has the valuable qualities of carcass type, hardiness and fertility for which Galloways are renowned.’
    • ‘The most visible characteristic of the Galloway is their long hair coat.’
    • ‘Whether such well-bred Galloways actually featured in the ancestry of Fell ponies, is very hard to decide; most likely the two strains existed in parallel as cousins through the female line.’
    • ‘Their most important trait, the economical production of beef under range conditions, stems from the fact that Galloways have been bred from their origin for beef production.’
    • ‘This ability to digest the less desirable species of flora means Galloways will thrive in less than ideal conditions.’
    • ‘I'll take his word over that of the Khans or Galloways of this world any day.’