Definition of gallium arsenide in US English:

gallium arsenide


  • A dark-gray crystalline compound containing gallium and arsenic, used in the manufacture of microelectronic components, such as solar cells and semiconductors.

    • ‘Unlike the III-V compounds, such as gallium arsenide, generally used to make semiconductor lasers, silicon has an indirect bandgap.’
    • ‘The group, led by professor Robert Blick, designed a single-electron transistor from gallium arsenide, a semiconductor material similar to silicon.’
    • ‘Smaller modulators have been made using compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide, but silicon is preferable for its ability to be integrated with current microelectronics.’
    • ‘At one point, the station was touted as a potential manufacturing site for gallium arsenide for solar cells.’
    • ‘There is a huge effort in the world to work on cadmium salts and III-V semiconductors such as gallium arsenide.’