Definition of gallinaceous in US English:



  • Relating to birds of an order (Galliformes) which includes domestic poultry and game birds.

    • ‘A sister-group relationship between gallinaceous birds and waterfowl, the Galloanserae, is also strongly supported.’
    • ‘This invention relates to apparatus for processing carcasses of gallinaceous animals, particularly but not exclusively, chickens and turkeys.’
    • ‘Everyone has seen at least a few gallinaceous birds, since domesticated chicken and turkeys are in this category.’
    • ‘Supra-orbital combs and wattles are fairly common in gallinaceous birds, but they also occur in other taxonomically unrelated bird families.’
    • ‘More likely to be seen or heard on the plateau is the little chachalaca, a gallinaceous bird named in part for its noisy call.’


Late 18th century: from Latin gallinaceus (from gallina ‘hen’, from gallus ‘cock’) + -ous.