Definition of galleria in US English:



  • A covered or enclosed area, especially one with commercial establishments for shopping, dining, etc.

    • ‘A system of bridges links a galleria to the office tower, as part of a complex weaving of vertical and horizontal circulation.’
    • ‘Besides, DFS's more than 150 duty-free shops in airports and center-city ‘gallerias’ selling a wide range of brands are not an easy fit for most global retailers.’
    • ‘Reopened after a complete restoration last year, it now houses a gourmet galleria that sells some of Northern California's best foods.’
    • ‘The university takes up three floors, connecting tower, podium and galleria.’
    • ‘The Italian males gave me appreciative glances in fancy restaurants and gallerias, and comments of ‘bellissima, bellissima!’’
    • ‘Instead of lulling at the galleria or taking in Lakers games, Ashley Peterson spends her free time spreading compassion for the homeless.’
    • ‘Toplit, the galleria is fundamentally part of the mall with its roof taken off and built up with layers of university to form a much more noble space than the drearily functional and rather dark volume there before.’
    • ‘Many of the older houses along the coast have elaborate glassed-in balconies or gallerias, La Coruña is famous for them.’
    • ‘Conceived as a manmade forest dappled by sunlight, the galleria's laminated timber structure (a material previously prohibited by Ontario's building code) has a distinctly arboreal quality.’
    • ‘True, we don't have the benefit of a completed building to judge from; only the long, low gallerias and their offshoots - a changing exhibition gallery and the museum store - are open as of today.’
    • ‘The Winter Garden runs roughly north-south, and is designed as a galleria, connecting two squares.’
    • ‘Housed in the posh locales of Windsor Sheraton, the galleria promises not only to cater to the clientele of the hotel, but also holds the potential to attract the regulars to other galleries around town.’
    • ‘A glass roof links the hitherto separate building with the main volumes to form a luminous entrance galleria.’
    • ‘The villa galleria was baroquely ostentatious and many of the artworks just clutter-glitter.’
    • ‘You can also visit Santa Monica Place, a tri-level skylit galleria housing 570,000 square feet with 120 shops and eateries.’
    • ‘To be known as All Saints West, it will provide a new home for the university's law faculty, as well as lecture theatres, conference facilities and a galleria with exhibition spaces accessible to all departments and the general public.’
    • ‘Big suburban shopping malls once dominated the California landscape and lifestyle so completely that the state Supreme Court threw up its hands and designated the gallerias as the new town squares.’
    • ‘The two-story meeting house creates an east-west galleria with repetitive glulam Douglas fir frames.’
    • ‘Not quite a hotel lobby, not quite a plaza, not quite a galleria, the promenade has been a difficult space to perfect.’
    • ‘The design envisages the creation of a new indoor street / galleria which will contain village centre type outlets.’
    • ‘There's going to be drum 'n' bass in the lounge, hip hop and MCs in the galleria.’
    • ‘I made a little sketch of the sign at the Java City galleria, came home, and started to work.’
    • ‘When Morn says, ‘Blink break,’ I make blurry eye contact with Jason, who smiles at me, I think, before walking into the bustling galleria.’
    • ‘Along these gallerias, daylit through courtyards and light wells from above, are all the large major institutional, commercial, and industrial activities as well as infrastructure, service, parking, tracks and transportation; activities whose large scale often disrupts the integrity of a traditional urban fabric, but which are necessary to sustain a modern urban economy.’
    shopping precinct, shopping complex, mall, shopping mall, arcade, shopping arcade, parade, shopping parade
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Italian (see gallery).