Definition of gallberry in US English:


(also gallberry holly)


  • A North American holly with shiny leaves and white flowers.

    Genus Ilex, family Aquifoliaceae: the tall gallberry (I. coriacea) of the southeastern US, and the more widespread low gallberry (I. glabra), with black berries and nearly spineless leaves

    • ‘Burning and disking appears to set back gallberry more than does burning alone, but disking probably does not kill gallberry except during periods of very low soil moisture.’
    • ‘This landscape of scattered pines with a dense groundcover including gallberry is one of the most common landscapes in Florida.’
    • ‘He also planted hundreds of fruiting shrubs including blueberries, gallberries, and hollies.’
    • ‘I was stunned until I took a walk through the woods and found gallberries and palmetto berries everywhere.’
    • ‘A human path through the swamp is carved with a machete, although the resulting trail often seems like a feeble attempt at penetrating the hidden blackwater ponds and the massive jungles of titi, smilax, gallberry, cypress, and gum.’