Definition of gall mite in English:

gall mite


  • A minute mite which is parasitic on plants, typically living inside buds and causing them to form hard galls.

    • ‘There are a few pests to watch for that like fuchsias such as spider mites, thrips, whiteflies, aphids, and fuchsia gall mites.’
    • ‘The black currant gall mites are the small white worm-like creatures between the bud tissues.’
    • ‘Little is known about the mites that occur on black walnut, but the velvet gall mite is common in some areas.’
    • ‘Resistance to gall mite has been a breeding objective in most blackcurrant programmes for many years.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, keep an eye out for fuchsia gall mites, fuchsia rust, whiteflies, and aphids.’