Definition of galah in US English:



  • A small Australian cockatoo with a gray back and rosy pink head and underparts, abundant and regarded as a pest.

    "Eulophus roseicapillus", family "Cacatuidae" (or "Psittacidae")

    • ‘The galah is an Australian native parrot noted for low brainpower.’
    • ‘I mean they have problems with galahs and cockatoos so this sort of balances that.’
    • ‘But it no longer seems the slightest bit strange in Melbourne's inner suburbs to see sulphur-crested cockatoos and galahs.’
    • ‘You can attract birds like eastern rosellas, king parrots, galahs and lorikeets to your garden.’
    • ‘Because of today's down time with Esmeralda, it will be another day that I write about one of Australia's favourite idiots, the beautiful pink and grey galah.’


Mid 19th century: from Yuwaalaraay (an Aboriginal language of New South Wales).