Definition of gainfully in US English:



  • See gainful

    • ‘They consume their victuals from an upside-down position in the belief it causes indigestion, sends the blood to the head and therefore increases belligerence gainfully.’
    • ‘I faintly protested that travelling to and from the restaurant would be a waste of time, that could have been gainfully occupied with relating past events, mutual anecdotes and general merrymaking.’
    • ‘The law protects the gainfully employed against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, but many gay workers still go to great lengths to maintain a dark shroud around their true identities.’
    • ‘He's local, single, gainfully employed, really cute, not hung up on his ex, not living with his parents, not commitment phobic, very tall, very cute, and intelligent.’
    • ‘The one-month programme recognises the fact that school children need to be gainfully occupied during summer holidays, he adds.’