Definition of G-suit in English:


(also anti-G suit)


  • A garment with pressurized pouches that are inflatable with air or fluid, worn by fighter pilots and astronauts to enable them to withstand high forces of acceleration.

    • ‘The flight doc was astonished that neither one of us had passed out (we hadn't been wearing G-suits).’
    • ‘The G-suit used by the Air Force of today has encased bladders that automatically inflate to increase body constriction after two Gs.’
    • ‘Giraffe legs also have a thick sheath of skin, like an astronaut's G-suit, to prevent the high blood pressure from forcing blood to leak through capillaries.’
    • ‘He marches to the aircraft, salutes smartly to his crew chief, gets into his G-suit, climbs into the cockpit, shakes hands with his crew chief and gets ready to launch.’
    • ‘Climbing into the jet became almost impossible because the dry suit was even tighter with the added resistance of the G-suit and harness.’


1940s: from g (symbol of gravity) + suit.