Definition of fynbos in US English:



  • A distinctive type of vegetation found only on the southern tip of Africa. It includes a very wide range of plant species, particularly small heather-like trees and shrubs.

    • ‘Essop said the government was also concerned that indigenous plants, or fynbos, had been destroyed at Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay, where a casino and golf estate are being built.’
    • ‘As many as a third of all plant species in the fynbos are dispersed by ants.’
    • ‘It has a particular vegetation, with fynbos and proteas, unusual little orchids and thousands of flower varieties.’
    • ‘Climate change, sprawl, and alien-species invasion are threatening South Africa's fynbos, the main vegetation type of the smallest, yet richest, of the world's six floral kingdoms.’
    • ‘Alpha diversity of grassland at the 1000 m plot level exceeds all other biomes in southern Africa, including the renowned Cape fynbos, and the biome as a whole contains almost 4000 plant species.’


Afrikaans, literally ‘fine bush’.