Definition of fuzziness in US English:



  • See fuzzy

    • ‘The question is, however, whether the traditional concept of a rule can be maintained if allowance is made for vagueness or fuzziness.’
    • ‘The very small image isn't sharp either, with no real details in the shadows and a general fuzziness, despite noticeable edge enhancement.’
    • ‘Error, obscurity, conceptual fuzziness, and sheer ignorance are part of science, just as they are in any other human activity.’
    • ‘The artist has so manipulated his camera that, within the blacked-out edges of the white plastic house framed in the shot, there appears a fuzziness akin to television static.’
    • ‘Such remarks are not inaccurate or misleading, because the intelligence business does often deal with fuzziness and frequently relies on informed guesswork.’