Definition of fuzzily in US English:



  • See fuzzy

    • ‘In the eighteenth century, Presidents Washington and Jefferson of the United States had the wisdom to reverse the case for ‘democracy’ leading to most people being fuzzily convinced that democracy is sacrosanct.’
    • ‘Porcelain is a high-temperature - fired ceramic with recognizable, if fuzzily defined, properties of whiteness, hardness and resonance - that ringing tone when struck.’
    • ‘As in many Asian countries, Indians had highly diffused and fluid self-understandings, which made it possible for them to identify easily with two or more fuzzily defined communities.’
    • ‘One of the most challenging things to do when your head is fuzzily congested is to stand in the cold remedy aisle and contemplate which product might help you most.’
    • ‘Nine nights out of ten, I'll have reclaimed my coat by then, smiled fuzzily at the security guys and pushed through the door into the cold night air - heading, one way or another, for home.’