Definition of futurologist in US English:



  • See futurology

    • ‘In spite all the best efforts of the futurologists we do not run around in jump suits, we still sit down at table to eat with knives, forks and spoons and we do not travel in atomic cars with gull wing doors.’
    • ‘Scotland's cites, the futurologists reckon, have reached a crest of the consumerist and cultural wave that carried their economies out of the post-industrial era.’
    • ‘Thus begins a panel discussion featuring two futurologists, an environmentalist, and a creationist.’
    • ‘Things that have proved intrinsically popular for a substantial period of time tend not to become obsolete anywhere near as quickly as certain futurologists are wont to predict.’
    • ‘And scientific or not, how are these astrologers any worse than the market consultants, futurologists and experts who hog television time telling us - on the basis of market surveys and simulated exercises - how the economy will behave?’